[ʃɔːt] adj I
1) measuring a small height, length, or distance
She's short and slim, with light brown hair and blue eyes.[/ex]
The theatre is a relatively short distance from here.[/ex]
The sleeves are much too short.[/ex]
2) a short period of time does not last very long, or seems to pass quickly
I'm sorry this has been such a short stay.[/ex]
He was here for a short while last week.[/ex]
It will be difficult to reach an agreement in such a short space of time.[/ex]
3) expressed in few words, or containing few pages
Could you give us a short summary of what happened?[/ex]
It was a short book and she read it in one night.[/ex]
4) using fewer words or letters than the full form of something
Memo is short for memorandum.[/ex]
My name is Elizabeth, or Liz for short.[/ex]
5) used for saying that you do not have enough of something
Dad wasn't working and money was short.[/ex]
Skilled workers are in short supply around here.[/ex]
Many of our clients are short of money.[/ex]
He's very bright but a little short on personality.[/ex]
We were very poor then, and often went short of food.[/ex]
6) if you have a short memory, you are not able or willing to remember things
7) rude and unfriendly when speaking to someone
at short notice — without being given much warning before something happens[/ex]
I was asked to come at very short notice.[/ex]
in the short run / term — during the period of time that is not very far into the future[/ex]
The policy served him well in the short term but later backfired.[/ex]
short */*/[ʃɔːt]
without reaching a particular place or position
The plane came down just short of the runway.[/ex]
cut sth short — to end something before it is completely finished[/ex]
We cut our holiday short because Rachel fell ill.[/ex]
cut sth short — to make something last for less time than it was planned to last for[/ex]
I'm sorry we had to cut our visit short.[/ex]
fall short of sth — to fail to reach your aim or fail to reach a particular level[/ex]
Sales of the CD fell short of expectations.[/ex]
run short (of sth) — used for saying that there is not much of something left[/ex]
Supplies were running short as winter came on.[/ex]
We're running short of time.[/ex]
short of (doing) sth — except for[/ex]
Short of winning the lottery, I don't know how we'll pay for this.[/ex]
Nothing short of a miracle can save us now.[/ex]
noun [C]
short [ʃɔːt]
1) British
a strong alcoholic drink served in small amounts
2) informal
a film that lasts only a few minutes
3) a short circuit
in short — used for introducing a summary of something that you have just said[/ex]

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